Attractions in Siberia: 3 places which one must visit in Irkutsk region

  • It has long dreamed to plunge into the unique atmosphere of Siberia?
  • His eyes want to see a miracle as Baikal and the surrounding majestic nature?
  • Is interested in history, you want to get to know the culture of the region?

Irkutsk region and attract tourists from different corners of the earth. And the reason is not only in the legendary Lake, the Pearl of Siberia, but also in a unique nature, majestic mountains, mysterious taiga. And the old capital of the region, which celebrated its 355 anniversary, will surprise a considerable number of monuments of wooden architecture and architecture.

What is worth visiting in the Irkutsk region?

  • Olkhon. Be sure to take a trip to this extraordinary mesto.Ono located in the central part of the lake and is the largest island of the lake. Nature of Olkhon is impossible to describe — here you will see a variety of landscapes: steep cliffs, steppe hills, stone promontories. In addition, the island has a special energy and is considered a sacred center of Lake Baikal — it involves a lot of legends and ancient traditions of shamans. To get to Olkhon easiest car — it takes 5-6 hours. From the mainland island connected ferry.
  • Circum-Baikal Railway. Circum-Baikal Railway was part of the Trans-Siberian Railway. As the volume and complexity of work — this is a unique project in the history of Russia: the whole complex of tunnels, arches, bridges, combined with the coastal landscape of the lake. Now it operates a branch in the 87 kilometers long. Go on a journey you can train from Irkutsk. If you are fond of hiking tours — access by car to Slyudyanka, and from there with a backpack hiking. The unusual nature, old masonry tunnels, stunning views of the lake — believe me, look at what is.
  • Taltsy. This open-air ethnographic museum. On the territory of Taltsy located 8,000 exhibits of wooden architecture, telling about the life of the indigenous Siberian villages and small peoples of the Baikal region. For example, you'll see a reconstructed wooden wall Ilimsk Fortress, dating back to 1630 year! working craft workshops and festivals are held in the museum. Taltsy are just 50 km from Irkutsk, and get to them by car literally for 40 minutes.

This is only a small part that deserves the attention of travelers. To have time to get acquainted with all the objects of interest to you, we are sure to rent a car.

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